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Why book at Yachtcharter de Brekken?

Why book at Yachtcharter de Brekken ?

Early bookers

What are the benefits of early booking? That is actually quite a lot!

As :

So take advantage of the early bird discounts and choose the holiday you want! Wide choice because many ships are still free. This is certainly important if you want to reserve several weeks.

By early booking, you have the greatest chance that the desired ship is still available in the period you have chosen. Especially when you want to sail for a long time, this is important.

Anyone booking far in advance (more than 180 days) will receive a 5% discount as a reward. You can also change or even cancel, despite the early booking, see the conditions.

If you book two or three weeks unbroken, you will receive a 5% discount on the second week and a 7,5% discount on the third week on the then current week price.

You can also immediately rent unbroken a midweek + week or a week + weekend.

Immediately possible

Previous years we rented from Friday to Friday. From now on you can also book from Monday to Monday. This way your trip to Lemmer might be even more relaxed.

Weekends and midweeks

Normally we offer the weekends and midweeks six weeks before departure, because we would rather rent whole weeks. This year you can book as from 1 March the weekends and midweeks in the months April, May, June, September and October, except Easter and Pentecost.

Lastminute prices

Sometimes not all boats are rented far in advance. In this case we speak four weeks in advance of lastminute offers. Quality has its price and that is why the boats are certainly not going away at any price.

Per week the price goes 5% down, so after 4 weeks this is a maximum of 20% lastminute discount. Of course you can wait for this or sooner choose for certainty.

Reasonable prolongation

Interesting for everyone who comes to sail with us.

Sometimes it happens that the weekend after your sailing period the ship is still free. For this we naturally try to find a customer via the last minute offers. This year we will also approach the tenant at that time by offering him the weekend on the Wednesday of his sailing week until Monday morning at 10 a.m. For this we charge 15% of the current week price.

Regular customer saving system

If you sail 4 times with us in 5 years time, you can build up a nice discount that can be settled in the 6th year. This is credited in a logbook, which you can also use as a travel report of your sailing holiday.