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Safety & certainty rent a motoryacht

Your holiday on the water starts well at Yachtcharter De Brekken

Certainty is our motto

Double certainty for your sailing holiday

Anyone who rents from Yachtcharter De Brekken will not only receive a well-maintained ship, but also a “certainty package” that guarantees a holiday without worries.

All appointments are confirmed in the Hiswa contract, so you can be sure that there are no ambiguities.

The “Hiswa” logo means that the General Terms and Conditions of the Hiswa Association apply in the Netherlands. By using these general terms and conditions of the Hiswa Association we are automatically a member of the Foundation for Disputes Committee Consumer Affairs in The Hague.

On behalf of all the agreements the Hiswa rental agreement has been made. This contains the general rental conditions, the rental price and a specification of the yacht.



Demonstrable certainty to the guidelines of the certainty certificate.

On the initiative of the Top of Holland association, a new system for renting boats was developed in collaboration with the European Certification Bureau in the Netherlands and the charter sector of the Hiswa Association. After intensive cooperation with the ECB, all our ships have been authorized to enter the “certainty certificate” from 1 January 2000. This certificate is a guarantee for you as a customer that the lessor systematically checks his rental fleet with regard to certainty and equipment.