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Watersportservice de Brekken in Lemmer, Friesland

At the Technical Watersports Service you can go for winter storage and all forms of technical maintenance and repairs to sailing- and motoryachts. As well as for the supply of accessories such as motors and accessories. In addition to an excellently equipped workplace, we have a special hall for the application of yachtcoatings and anti-fouling and osmosis treatments. You can also contact us for winter storage and bow thruster installation.

The activities at watersportservice de Brekken

winter storage (indoor and outdoor) repair work
installation of bow thrusters ship heating
osmosis treatment ship propellors
yacht painting work installation of engines
shipcrane up to 3 to. installation of parts
lifting truck up to 23 to.

Winter storage

De Brekken has been supplying around 200 ships from its customers in the winter period for many years. Winter storage in combination with the protection of frost-sensitive components such as the engine (s), drinking water system and toilet. Engine- and ship maintenance, service and repair can be carried out by an expert team of fitters. The indoor storage was increased in the year 2000 by more than 1000 m². The ships are taken out of the water by a Knijpstra boat crane at the slipway. This method prevents damage to the paint of the hull and the underwater hull. The cabin, masts and windbreaks are also protected from possible damage. Sailing ships can be parked with a standing mast. The storage of ships is done with very reliable sheers with a minimum of wood. The maximum depth we are equipped is 1.50 mtr., the capacity of the slipway is 20 tons.

Pricelist winter storage indoor €  44,00 m²
Winter storage outdoor €  24,95 m²
The m² price is incl. out- and in the water, cleaning the hull, stand and VAT.

Installation bow thruster

Bow thrusters get more and more a permanent place on board. You probably know the situations: you are waiting for a bridge to sail on. A little crosswind causes the ship to be floating. Adjustment with the engine and the rudder blade often fails due to the low speed. Result: you lie in front of a bridge and block the outgoing and oncoming traffic.

As a technical watersports service, we have much experience in installing bow thrusters. The choice of the type of bow thruster is made together with you. The technical implementation with regard to connection to the existing on-board network is also determined in consultation with you. We only have an advisory task in this.

Osmosis treatment

Osmosis, a concern? Watersportcentrum “De Brekken” and International Yachtpaints now offer you complete certainty through the Gelshield method. A five-year warranty on a professionally applied Osmosis prevention or Osmosis repair system.

Osmosisprevention and -repair

Osmosis can lead to major damage and costly repairs to your polyester yacht. By applying a waterproof Gelshield PLUS coating your yacht is protected against osmosis. But if your yacht is already affected, the polyester will also need to be thoroughly repaired.

International Yachtpaints Gelshield Center

In order to achieve a guaranteed good result, the best way is to have the work carried out by well-equipped Gelshield Centers. Watersportcentrum “De Brekken” is one of them. This gives you the certainty that you are dealing with reliable companies that works with good advice, top products and a professional approach. After completion you will receive a certificate with which International Yachtpaints and Watersportcentrum “De Brekken” as Gelshield Center guarantee that no osmosis will occur for five years. Condition is that the polyester must be sufficiently dry.


Watersportcentrum “De Brekken” has a well-conditioned painting hall. Ships with a maximum length of 15.00 m. can be placed here for maintenance on the paint system. In our temperate climate, where temperature fluctuations are the order of the day, the paint system has a hard time. Because of rain and cold rust gets the chance to nest in damaged paint layers. Preventive maintenance is therefore very important to avoid high costs. Also for a total painting we have professional painters who can bring your ship back to top condition. Underwater vessels can be treated by us with anticorrosive and / or anti-fouling paint systems.

Repair of all kinds

Our well-equipped workshop is manned by three skilled technicians. We are open six days a week. Repair on gasoline and diesel engines is the order of the day. Installation of equipment and accessories is carried out professionally by us. We have much experience with construction work on steel ships. We can also carry out the repair of polyester damage in a professional manner.